Extreme inflation, extraordinary measures

FK Inflation
3 min readJul 31, 2022

Something is brewing…

We are embarking on something quite amazing here that has never been attempted in the DeFi space. Think of the days back when Reflector.Finance came out: we saw a revolution, and huge demand for “reflection” tokens that had an auto-staking feature that rewarded you for holding. It gave birth to a new space within DeFi.

There have been many attempts to create semi-unique systems to generate hype, but thus far they have been nothing more than that.

In honor of f**king inflation, FK Inflation has built a world first mechanism/algorithm/API that reacts and moves with the global crypto market. This mechanism will respond when certain conditions have been met.

As this is a unique concept, we are keeping it on the down-low for now to encourage tight-knit, early community growth, and ensure it takes a while for anyone else in the space to attempt to copy. More info will be released as the project moves closer to the Presale.

We have also implemented a FKflection (reflection) feature of a token that has not seen much love in the DeFi Space, but if you are in the know, you certainly will. With a Proprietary World First “Only Green” Mechanism, FK Inflation is the first of its kind.

The FKI Family looks forward to creating something never before seen in the crypto space. We truly believe this idea has the potential to easily explode with hype, onboard endless apes, all while bringing a tokenized hedge against inflation!

As inflation burns a hole in your pocket, and investments, we are beyond excited to bring something which could actually help people during this extreme time of hyper-inflation, costs rising and wages stagnating. Everyone deserves to get ahead!

🌕 Presale 🌕

Info coming soon. (Make sure you’re in the Telegram to be first)


FK Inflation is a new project that is aiming to help people during this time of hyper-inflation.

Whether the market is bearish or bullish, the proprietary mechanism is designed to keep the token green — as well as reward holders. This is unlike anything seen in the DeFi space up to now.

We believe we have built a system which can consistently move upward and help steer savvy investors away from the endless forks of buyback, reflection tokens or other ‘projects’ which have claimed this in the past, and provide true long-term value to holders.

Community Courtesy

We may be a spicy group at times, but please remember to remain courteous and respectful of other community members. We’re all here to FK Inflation.

⚡️ Telegram FKIBot, EXP and leveling system ⚡️

We plan to work this into the project (community engagement), bounties and potentially rewards in future. FKIBot is a custom build. This is currently at an early stage, so may be updated as we go — or from community input.

One idea the team is looking at is allowing users to either claim rewards at certain EXP points, or spend their EXP. For an early example; when you reach a certain amount, you could mint an exclusive NFT for free, which can only be claimed by engaged community members.

🚨🚨 Announcements and Updates 🚨🚨

FK Inflation has some ridiculous plans. Stay tuned to our socials, to make sure you can follow our official announcements and updates.

The Telegram community will be first to receive info, some may even be exclusive, particularly at the beginning as we go through the community-building phase — so make sure you are part of the action!

If you are looking for a way to protect your bags during these inflationary times, this concept is designed for you.

All the project needs to succeed is YOU!

Let’s FK Inflation together!

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FK Inflation

World First Token Mechanism Designed to Hedge against Inflation, coming to you very soon! Join the Telegram to be first in the know! t.me/FKInflation